Nurturing Environment



At Keyport Kids Academy, our purpose is simple - to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which children can learn and succeed. This is seen not only in the quality of our educational materials, but also in the very design of our center.


Everything in Keyport Kids Academy is designed to keep kids safe and comfortable. We have child-sized furniture and safe materials for your child to use, and cleanliness is an obsession. We insist on cleanliness from our staff and students, and even use an air purification system to clean the very air in the center!


Keeping Security as a Number One Priority

In order to keep our students safe, we believe that security must be a number one priority. Our secure entrance system is always locked, and parents have access through security codes to ensure only those who should be in the center are allowed in. We have cameras in every room which are monitored by administration, and alarms to alert us to fire, intruders and other security risks. You can leave your child in our care with confidence, knowing that we are going to keep them safe.


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