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Keyport Education.

Keyport Growth Plan.


Children need to learn at their own pace and have the creative and nurturing environment to support their growth.


Our staff and curriculum provide an incredibly nurturing environment that leads to success.


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Parents find peace when kids find happiness.

Happy, well-adjusted kids are a joy to be around. By choosing a nurturing and creative environment for your children as they grow and learn, you will invite peace into your home and family.



Community is important.

At Keyport Kids, we believe in creating a community where parents, teachers and children work together to find success. Our goal is to partner with you and the rest of our community to support the children you entrust to us.

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Our Story

Kids learning together.


Become Part of the Story

Keyport Kids Academy was not started out of a desire to create a large, overwhelming center. Our goal was to start small and build our community steadily, through interactions with our parents and our students.


Come be part of the story by giving your child the best chance of early success through Keyport Kids Academy.

Our Difference

A little Boy in school.


Age-Appropriate Features

Throughout our facility, you will notice small furniture, kid-friendly materials and toys that encourage engagement and imagination. That's because we believe that having age-appropriate facilities is essential to keeping kids safe and secure while learning. This is one of the features that sets our academy apart.



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