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Preschoolers are eager learners. During the preschool years, as kids interact with peers and learning materials, their minds are able to absorb important key information about the world around them at an incredible quick rate. Keyport Kids Academy is here to help foster that learning process, one step at a time, as we build on this bright, eager mind that is natural to the preschooler. We also build a significant amount of play into our day, because that's how children learn best!


Keyport Kids Academy provides a rich learning environment using curricula and a flexible daily routine. Both our schedule and our curriculum are developmentally appropriate to the specific ages of each classroom. Copies of daily schedules are posted in each classroom.

Social Emotional Development

Social Emotional Development

While academics is important, at Keyport Kids Academy we believe that the most important skill we can teach our children is how to interact in a positive way with their peers and teachers. We provide ample opportunities for interaction through play and activity-based instruction.

Physical Development Discription

Physical Development

Preschoolers were created to be moving creatures. Our lessons are rarely completed while sitting still at a table. Our curriculum is designed to involve the whole-body, with movement as important as the ABCs in what we do every day. Our students get plenty of time to move and play!

Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy

From pre-reading and phonemic awareness to vocabulary building and ample story time, a large focus of our curriculum is building language and literacy skills, preparing students for their coming years in education. We also focus on print awareness and oral language, particularly on the preschool level.


Mathematics and Reasoning

Mathematics and Reasoning

In our preschool program, we introduce numbers, counting and patterns, which builds into our kindergarten mathematics program, wherein children will learn basic addition and subtraction as well as skip-counting. Kindergarteners also study matching, graphing and patterns. We building reasoning and problem-solving into all aspects of our curriculum as well.

Science Development

Science Development

Preschool and kindergarten students are naturally curious about their world, and we capitalize on that curiosity through a curriculum that encourages hands-on exploration. We provide age-appropriate science activities, tactile experiences and nature studies throughout the year.

Creative Development

Creative Development

Creativity comes in many forms. From artwork to dramatic play, we provide many opportunities for children to experience different mediums of art while expressing their personalities and creative ideas. Through it all, we encourage supportive engagement from classmates and our teachers.

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Our Story

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Become Part of the Story

Keyport Kids Academy was not started out of a desire to create a large, overwhelming center. Our goal was to start small and build our community steadily, through interactions with our parents and our students.


Come be part of the story by giving your child the best chance of early success through Keyport Kids Academy

Our Difference

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Age-Appropriate Features

Throughout our facility, you will notice small furniture, kid-friendly materials and toys that encourage engagement and imagination. That's because we believe that having age-appropriate facilities is essential to keeping kids safe and secure while learning. This is one of the features that sets our academy apart.



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