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Children need to learn at their own pace and have the creative and nurturing environment to support their growth.  Our staff and curriculum provides an incredibly nurturing environment that leads to success.


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Who Are We?

Keyport Kids Academy is a preschool and kindergarten academy that believes it is important to provide children with a safe, nursing environment in which they can learn and succeed in life. We are a New Jersey state licensed facility staffed by a team of experienced and caring teachers who pour themselves into your children every day. At Keyport Kids Academy, you can be confident that your children are receiving the very best in care and academic training.


Full-Time, Year-Round Programming for Preschool and Kindergarten

Keyport Kids Academy is a year-round program with full-time positions available. We offer full-day preschool and kindergarten for students from age 2 1/2 through age 6, with curriculum that covers reading, writing and math readiness. We also focus on socialization and offer arts and crafts activities to keep the kids engaged.

At Keyport Kids Academy, we know that life for today's parents is busy. That's why we offer nutritious, wholesome breakfast and lunch programs for those who need them. We also have snacks daily to encourage our children to try new foods while keeping their tummies full so they can learn and play.

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